§ 35.01 PURPOSE.
   Administrative offense procedures established pursuant to this chapter are intended to provide the public and the city with an informal, cost-effective and expeditious alternative to traditional criminal charges for issuance of worthless checks. The procedures are intended to be voluntary on the part of those who have been charged with administrative offenses. At any time prior to the payment of the administrative penalty as is provided for hereafter, the individual may withdraw from participation in the procedures, in which event the city may bring criminal charges in accordance with the law. Likewise, the city, in its discretion, may choose not to initiate an administrative offense and may bring criminal charges in the first instance. In the event a party participates in the administrative offense procedures, but does not pay the monetary penalty which may be imposed, the city will seek to collect costs of the administrative offense procedures as part of a subsequent criminal sentence in the event the party is charged and is adjudicated guilty of the criminal violations.
(Ord. 362, passed 2-16-06)