General Provisions
   53.001   Definitions
Construction and Connections
   53.015   New connections; treatment capacity
   53.016   Permit required
   53.017   Connection costs
   53.018   Old building sewers
   53.019   Materials and methods of construction
   53.020   Building sewer grade
   53.021   Runoff and groundwater drains; connection to sanitary sewer prohibited
   53.022   Conformance to building and plumbing codes required
   53.023   Inspection of connection
   53.024   Excavations; barricades; restoration
Discharges to Public Sewers
   53.035   Discharge of unpolluted waters
   53.036   Prohibited substances
   53.037   Discharge shall not violate NPDES permit
   53.038   Special agreements
Control of Industrial Wastes
   53.050   Submission of data
   53.051   Hazardous discharge control methods
   53.052   Control manholes and access points
   53.053   Flow computation; waste metering
   53.054   Industrial waste sampling
   53.055   Pretreatment
   53.056   Grease, oil, and sand interceptors
   53.057   Analysis standards
   53.058   Pretreatment and interceptors; plan review required
Rates and Charges
   53.070   Water meters; billable volume
   53.071   Metering private water sources
   53.072   Deduct meters
   53.073   Unit costs
   53.074   Domestic strength discharge; service charge formula
   53.075   User category reassignment
   53.076   Operation, maintenance, replacement, and debt service funds
   53.077   Toxic pollutants; surcharge
   53.078   Wastes of greater than normal domestic strength
   53.079   Sewer service charges; calculation and billing
   53.080   Delinquent accounts; penalties; civil action
   53.081   City review; audit; rate notification; records
Administration and Enforcement
   53.095   Right of entry; identification
   53.096   Observation of safety rules
   53.097   Violations a public nuisance; notice to correct
   53.098   Public nuisance; abatement without notice
   53.099   Accidental discharge; damages
   53.100   Continued violations
   53.101   Liability
   53.102   Appeals procedure
   Fees, Charges, and Rates, see Ch. 34
   Water, see Ch. 51