(A)   Meters required.  
      (1)   All premises using the municipal water supply must be equipped with an adequate water meter furnished by the municipality; provided, that water service may be supplied by the municipality at a flat rate or charge until a meter may be installed.
      (2)   Before any premises is occupied a water meter shall be installed, as herein required, or application made for water service at the flat rate of charge until the meter can be installed, or no water shall be furnished to the premises.
   (B)   Installation. Meters shall be installed in a location that will be easy of access.
   (C)   Reading meters. All premises using the municipal water supply must be equipped with the equipment to allow for a radio transmission meter read. All premises owners are required to allow the city, or its agents, access to the meter to make the change. Failure to allow access to the meter shall result in a charge to be assessed on the water account each month, until the time as the equipment is installed, and shall be subject to collection at the time all other charges on the account are collected. The city reserves the right to check the meter connections or readings.
   (D)   Testing meters. Any municipal water meter shall be taken out and tested upon complaint of the consumer, upon payment of a fee in the amount duly established by the Council from time to time. If upon test the meter is not within 3% of being accurate, it shall be repaired or replaced and the fee returned to the consumer.
(`74 Code, § 230:20) (Am. Ord. passed 7-20-89; Am. Ord. passed 5-20-97)