(A)   Installation. All service pipes from the mains to the premises served shall be installed by, and at the cost of, the owner of the property to be served or the applicant for the service. The installation shall be under the inspection of the Superintendent of the Water Department.
   (B)   Pipe specifications. No service shall be installed unless it conforms to specifications prepared by the Engineer and approved by the Council.
   (C)   Repairs. All repairs for service pipes and plumbing systems of buildings shall be made by and at the expense of the owners of the premises served. The municipality may, in case of an emergency, repair and service pipes, and if this is done, the cost of the repair work shall be repaid to the municipality by the owner of the premises served.
   (D)   Excavations. Excavations for installing service pipes or repairing the same shall be made in compliance with the code provisions relating to making excavations in streets. Provided, that it shall be unlawful to place any service pipe in the same excavation with, or directly over, any service pipe or sewer pipe. The fee for service pipe excavations shall be in the amount duly established by the Council.
   (E)   Shut-off boxes. Shut-off boxes or service boxes shall be placed on every service pipe, and shall be located between the curb line and the sidewalk line where this is practicable. These boxes shall be so located that they are easily accessible and shall be protected from frost.
(`74 Code, § 230:15) Penalty, see § 10.99