(A)   Nonpayment. The water supply may be shut off from any premises in which the water or sewerage bill remains unpaid for a period of ten days after the fifteenth day of the month in which the bill is issued. When shut off, the water shall not be turned on except upon payment of the usual fee for turning on, in the amount duly established by the Council from time to time, and payment of the amount due. No service of a residential customer shall be disconnected if the disconnection affects the primary heat source for the residential unit when the disconnection would occur during the period between October 15 and April 15, the customer has declared inability to pay on forms provided by the city, the household income of the customer is less than 185% of the federal poverty level as documented by the customer to the city, and the customer's account is current for the billing period immediately prior to October 15 or the customer has entered into a payment schedule and is reasonably current with payments under the schedule. The city shall, between August 15 and October 15, of each year, notify all residential customers of these provisions.
   (B)   Collection. Charges for water and sewer service more than 60 days past due in occupied residential or commercial premises shall be delinquent. Charges for water and sewer service more than 10 days past due in vacant or abandoned premises shall be delinquent. Delinquent charges may be recovered in a civil action. Delinquent charges may be certified to the County Auditor with taxes against the property served for collection as other taxes are collected.
(`74 Code, § 230:25) (Am. Ord. passed 9-10-87; Am. Ord. 347, passed 3-18-04)