The Planning Board shall file with the Town Council an advisory opinion giving its findings and recommendations on all amendments to this chapter within 45 days after receipt of the proposal and shall review this chapter at reasonable intervals and whenever changes are made to the Comprehensive Plan shall identify any changes necessary to this chapter  and forward the recommended changes to the Town Council. In addition, the Planning Board shall recommend amendments to the text and map of this chapter wherever there is a provision for major extension of water or sewer service, location of a major employment facility or major highway construction. Among its findings and recommendations to the Town Council with respect to a proposal for adoption, amendment or repeal of a zoning ordinance or zoning map, the Planning Board shall:
   (A)   Include a statement on the general consistency of the proposal with the Comprehensive Plan, including the goals and policies statement, the implementation program, and all other applicable elements of the comprehensive plan; and
   (B)   Include a demonstration of recognition and consideration of each of the applicable purposes of zoning, as presented in § 100.
   (C)   At least once every two years, the Planning Board shall review this chapter and make recommendations concerning its revision.
(Ord. passed 10-30-06)