An application for a special use permit to construct a transient trailer park shall contain, as a minimum, development plans and supplementary information as required by § 305, plus the following. Complete engineering plans and specifications of the proposed park showing:
   (A)   The area and dimensions of the tract of land;
   (B)   The number, location and size of all transient trailer spaces;
   (C)   The location and width of streets and walkways;
   (D)   The location of service buildings, sanitary stations, and any other proposed structures;
   (E)   The location and area of required recreation areas;
   (F)   The location of water and sewer line and riser pipes;
   (G)   Plans and specifications of the water supply and refuse and sewage disposal facilities;
   (H)   Plans and specifications of all buildings constructed or to be constructed within the transient trailer park;
   (I)   The location and details of lighting and electrical systems; and
   (J)   Evidence of compliance with all appropriate state laws and regulations, particularly those dealing with sanitation, sewage disposal and water supply.
(Ord. passed 10-30-06)