All mobile home parks shall be provided with safe and convenient vehicular access from abutting public streets. Alignment and gradient shall be properly adapted to topography. Each mobile home lot shall have frontage on an internal street.
   (A)   Access.
      (1)   Access to mobile parks shall be designed to minimize congestion and hazards at the entrance and exit and allow free movement of traffic on adjacent streets.
      (2)   The entrance street connecting the park streets with a public street shall have a minimum street pavement width of 34 feet where parking is permitted on both sides, or a minimum street pavement width of 28 feet where parking is limited to one side. Where the primary entrance street is more than 100 feet long and does not provide access to abutting mobile home lots within such distance, the minimum street pavement width may be 24 feet, provided parking is prohibited at both sides.
   (B)   Internal streets.  Surfaced streets shall be of an adequate paved width to accommodate anticipated traffic, and in any case shall meet the following minimum requirements:
      (1)   All streets except minor streets:  26 feet;
      (2)   Minor streets, no parking:  24 feet (acceptable only if less than 500 feet long and serving less than 25 mobile homes or of any length if one-way and providing access to abutting mobile home lots on one side only);
      (3)   Dead end streets shall be limited in length to 1,000 feet and shall be provided at the closed end with a turnaround having an outside pavement diameter of at least 60 feet.
   All surfaced streets shall be constructed in a manner consistent with § 1301(A).
   (C)   Required off-street parking areas.
      (1)   Off-street parking areas shall be provided in all mobile home parks for the use of park occupants and guests. Such areas shall be furnished at the ratio of at least two car spaces for each dwelling unit, and shall be located upon the lot of the mobile home it is intended to serve.
      (2)   Use of joint carports is allowed, provided that no carport shall have an area greater than 450 square feet.
(Ord. passed 10-30-06)