The following standards of development shall apply to all residential care and assisted living facility developments.
   (A)   No residential care and assisted living facility shall be located on any lot of less than 100,000 square feet of developable land area.
   (B)   No lot on which a residential care and assisted living facility is located shall have less than 2,000 square feet of developable land area for each unit within the facility. Each bedroom shall be considered a separate unit for the purpose of this section. For the purposes of this subchapter, a BEDROOM shall be defined as any room or portion of a room of at least 70 square feet within a dwelling unit allocated to sleeping, dressing and/or personal care.
   (C)   Residential buildings shall be separated from any other building by a minimum of 25 feet.
   (D)   Maximum lot coverage shall be 25%.
Setbacks shall be:
40 feet
20 feet
50 feet
Maximum height shall be:
35 feet
   (E)   Open space shall be provided on the same lot as the principal buildings(s) for the use and enjoyment of the residents. Said open space shall be defined and regulated in accordance with regulation of open space and open space standards of this chapter. An open space management plan shall be reviewed by the Planning Board and Zoning Board as a condition of approval.
   (F)   No development or structure shall be permitted unless each dwelling unit is serviced by public water and a sewage system of adequate capacity.
   (G)   All developments shall provide for the safe and adequate disposal of surface water runoff as provided for in § 715.
   (H)   Individual units may have a kitchenette facility with a refrigerator and/or microwave oven. A kitchenette facility does not qualify as a kitchen facility for purposes of § 2101(D).
   (I)   All units shall be handicapped accessible, designed with handicap accessible doorways and bathrooms and shall include a functioning emergency call system. Individual units in buildings containing four or more units shall not have an exterior entrance or exit.
(Ord. passed 10-30-06)