In additions to the information required by § 305, an application for a special use permit to construct a residential care and assisted living facility shall contain a development plan, including the following:
   (A)   Building design and site layout shall show: public, semi-private and private spaces, ensuring a sense of protection and community identity; minimization of public barriers to handicapped residents; and provision of plantings and landscaping which adequately buffer abutting property;
   (B)   Computation of projected sewage volumes and sewage flow calculations. The Town Engineer shall render an opinion as to the adequacy of the proposed sewer size and design of the proposed sewer system and its ability to accept the projected volumes and flows;
   (C)   Computation of projected water use, along with a letter from the City of Newport Water Department, to be obtained by the applicant, rendering its opinion as to the adequacy of the water supply and pressure in the water system to serve the needs of the proposed facility;
   (D)   Written comments from the Middletown Fire Department regarding adequacy of fire safety provisions;
   (E)   Planning Board shall also be charged with reviewing and commenting on the architectural design of the project.
(Ord. passed 10-30-06)