An application for a permit to operate a cemetery shall contain, as a minimum, a development plan and supplementary information as required by Article 7, plus the following:
   (A)   A development plan showing the location and dimensions of driveways through cemeteries or burial grounds; all aboveground watercourses, underground watercourses where known; existing stone walls; areas or spaces intended for the placement of graves, tombs, mausoleums, crypts, columbariums, storage of crypts, equipment or fill; structures or parking areas; required special purpose buffer zones and plans for regrading or changing of grade of the premises;
   (B)   Plans for regrading or changing of grade of the premises;
   (C)   No cemetery shall change its operations and the location of activities shown on the development plan without revising its plan and obtaining approval of the Building Inspector for compliance with the standards herein set forth.
(Ord. passed 10-30-06)