§ 1901  PURPOSE.
   The purposes of conservation subdivision/land development project design are:
   (A)   To encourage the preservation of open space for its scenic beauty and the appropriate use thereof;
   (B)   To preserve historical and archeological resources;
   (C)   To protect natural resources, including but not limited to those containing woodlands, unique vegetation, streams, floodplains, wetlands, recharge areas, agricultural lands, wellheads, and vernal pools, by setting them aside from development;
   (D)   To protect the value of real property;
   (E)   To promote more sensitive siting of buildings and roads, and better overall site planning;
   (F)   To provide a buffer between new development and existing streets, neighborhoods active farmland, and adjacent park or conservation land;
   (G)   To perpetuate the appearance of Middletown's traditional rural/agricultural landscape;
   (H)   To allow landowners a reasonable return on their investment while also reducing the infrastructure costs for development;
   (I)   To facilitate the construction and maintenance of streets, utilities, and public services in a more economical and efficient manner;
   (J)   To offer an alternative to conventional subdivision development;
   (K)   To provide for a diversity of lot sizes, building densities, and housing choices to accommodate a variety of age and income groups, and residential preferences, so that the population diversity of the community may be maintained;
   (L)   To create neighborhoods with direct visual and/or physical access to open land, with amenities in the form of neighborhood open space, and with a strong neighborhood identity;
   (M)   To implement adopted land use, transportation and community service policies, as set forth in the Comprehensive Plan.
(Ord. 08-05, passed 5-19-08)