A separate building, such as a bank or restaurant, constructed on land used for a shopping center, but not physically connected to other buildings in the shopping center, shall not be approved unless both of the following requirements are met:
   (A)   The area for the separate building, including parking, lanes for drive-up windows, and the building itself, shall be clearly set off from the remainder of the shopping center by a boundary consisting of asphalt or concrete berms, tightly-spaced plantings, or other permanent and unobtrusive means of separation, with not more than two openings for vehicular access to the separate building. Signs shall be placed at each opening in the boundary to clearly show drivers where to enter and exit the separate building area.
   (B)   The separate building shall be located at least 50 feet from any other principal building in the shopping center, measured from the boundary of the separate building area to the other building.
(Ord. passed 10-30-06)