(A)   All off-street parking spaces and servicing drives shall be located within the boundaries of the property being developed as a shopping center and provided for in accordance with Article 13 and this section.
   (B)   All off-street loading areas shall be provided in accordance with Article 13. In addition, each shop or store shall have a rear or side entrance that is accessible to a loading area and service drive. Service drives shall be a minimum of 26 feet in width and, wherever practicable, shall be in addition to, and not part of, the drives or circulation system used by the vehicles of shoppers. The arrangement of truck loading and unloading facilities for each shop or store shall be such that in the process of loading or unloading, no truck will block or extend into any other private or public drive or street used for vehicular circulation. Loading and delivery zones shall be clearly marked.
(Ord. passed 10-30-06)