(A)   Access barrier. Each zoning lot, with its buildings, other structures and parking and loading areas, shall be physically separated from each adjoining street by a curb or other suitable barrier against unchanneled motor vehicle ingress and egress. Such barrier shall be located at the edge of or within, a ten-foot deep strip along the property line. Except for the access ways permitted by division (B) below, the barrier shall be continuous for the entire length of the property line.
   (B)   Access ways. Each zoning lot shall have not more than two access ways to any one street unless unusual circumstances demonstrate the need for additional access points. Each access way shall comply with the following requirements:
      (1)   The width of any access way leading to a public street shall not exceed 25 feet at its intersection with the property line. Curb return shall have a minimum radius of 30 feet.
      (2)   At its intersection with the property line, no part of any access way shall be nearer than 100 feet to the intersection of any two street right-of-way lines, nor shall any such part be nearer than 50 feet to any side of rear property line.
      (3)   The location and number of access ways shall be so arranged that they will reduce traffic hazards as much as possible.
(Ord. passed 10-30-06)