(A)   Conventional development.
      (1)   Open space shall be provided in the same lot as the principal building(s) for the use and enjoyment of the residents. Said open space shall be defined as all land area uncovered by buildings or vehicular traffic, maneuvering or parking, including garages. Covered open space may be counted as one-half for required open space area, and includes roofed porches or patios, covered exterior balconies, breezeways, etc., which are open on the sides and closed to the sky.
      (2)   Minimum open space requirements are expressed as a ratio of the area of open space to the total floor area for residential use on the several floors of a multifamily building. The ratio is measured from the faces of the exterior walls, including halls, lobbies, stairways, basements and storage areas, but excluding any floor area for common use of all occupants such as recreation or laundry, and also excluding unused attic space, garages or carports or areas used for major mechanical equipment.
Minimum Open Space Requirements
(Ratio of Open Space Divided by Floor Area)
Multifamily dwelling project
Multifamily dwelling structure
   (B)   Conservation development.  Open space for townhouses in conservation subdivisions shall be governed by Article 19 and by Article 3 of the Middletown Rules and Regulations Regarding the Subdivision and Development of Land.
(Ord. passed 10-30-06; Am. Ord. 08-05, passed 5-19-08; Am. Ord. 2019-15, passed 11-4-19; Am. Ord. 2019-16, passed 11-4-19)