Signs must be maintained in a secure and safe condition. If the Sign Officer is of the opinion that a sign is not secure, safe, or in a good state of repair, a written notice describing the defect shall be given to the person responsible for the maintenance of the sign. If the defect is not corrected within 30 days from receipt of the notice, the Sign Officer shall issue a citation of violation. No sign may be displayed if it:
   (A)   Is structurally unsafe;
   (B)   Constitutes a hazard to public safety or health because it is dilapidated, abandoned or inadequately maintained, or because it is located so as to interfere with drivers' vision of traffic signals or directional signs or of traffic on intersecting streets;
   (C)   Obstructs free entrance to or exit from a door, window, or fire escape;
   (D)   Obstructs light or air or interferes with proper functioning of a building; or
   (E)   Is capable of causing electrical shock.
(Ord. passed 10-30-06; Am. Ord. 07-08, As Amended, passed 6-18-07)