Subject to divisions (A) and (B), the area of a sign shall be measured as the total area within a line circumscribing all surfaces used for the design, including slates and panels.
   (A)   Sign area.
      (1)   For a sign which is painted on or otherwise directly applied to the surface of a structure or any other thing, the area shall be considered to be that of the smallest rectangle or other geometric shape which encompasses all of the letters, symbols and other elements of the sign. If the sign has a background of a different color than the natural color or finish material of the structure or thing, then the area of the sign shall be the area of such background.
      (2)   When a sign has two or more faces, the area of all faces shall be included in determining the area of the sign, except where two faces are placed back to back and are at no point more than two feet from each other. In this case, the sign area shall be the area of either face, and if the faces are unequal, the area shall be that of the larger face.
      (3)   The total area of a three-dimensional projecting sign shall be determined by enclosing the largest cross-section of the sign in a rectangle or other geometric shape and computing its area.
   (B)   Number of signs.  In determining the number of signs, a sign shall be considered to be a single display surface or display device containing elements organized, related and composed to form a unit. Where matter is displayed randomly without organized relationship of elements, or where there is reasonable doubt about the relationship of elements, each element shall be considered to be a single sign.
   (C)   Height. The height of a sign shall be measured as the vertical distance measured from the natural level of the ground at the base of the sign to the highest point of any portion of the sign or supporting structure.
   (D)   Setbacks. The setback for a freestanding sign shall be measured from the lot line to the nearest point on the sign or its supporting structure, whichever is closer to the lot line.
(Ord. passed 10-30-06; Am. Ord. 07-08, As Amended, passed 6-18-07)