§ 1200  PURPOSE.
   The purpose of this subchapter is as follows:
   (A)   To promote the public health, safety and welfare of those who use the town's streets, roads, and highways;
   (B)   To reduce distractions and obstructions from signs, to prevent signs from adversely affecting traffic safety, and to alleviate hazards caused by signs projecting over or encroaching upon public ways;
   (C)   To discourage excessive visual competition in signage and to ensure that signs aid orientation and adequately identify uses and activities to the public; and
   (D)   To preserve or enhance town character by requiring new and replacement signs which are:
      (1)   Compatible with the surroundings;
      (2)   Appropriate to the activities, goods or services they promote; and
      (3)   Appropriately sized in their context.
(Ord. passed 10-30-06; Am. Ord. 07-08, As Amended, passed 6-18-07)