Any use permitted in the underlying zoning district by right (Y) or by special use permit (S) in § 602, with the exception of the following uses:
   (A)   Outdoor lot storage and wrecking of junk or salvage materials; automobile junk yards;
   (B)   Outdoor lot storage of flammable or explosive material, including petroleum products;
   (C)   Sewage treatment plant;
   (D)   Incinerator;
   (E)   Sanitary landfill;
   (F)   Solid waste transfer station;
   (G)   Storage of bottled gas oil or other liquid petroleum products;
   (H)   Vehicle washing establishment;
   (I)   Manufacturing uses which discharge wastewater other than surface water runoff into surface or sub-surface disposal systems other than a public sewer system;
   (J)   Accessory uses to the principal use which involve any of the following practices:
      (1)   Road salt or de-icing chemical storage;
      (2)   Storage or disposal of hazardous wastes as defined by Rules and Regulations for Hazardous Waste Generation, Transportation, Treatment, Storage and Disposal, R.I. Department of Environmental Management, July 18, 1984;
      (3)   Placement of an individual sewage disposal system (ISDS) within 150 feet of a fresh water wetland as defined in § 502;
      (4)   Aboveground or underground (buried) storage of liquid fuel in excess of 300 gallons for any use; except uses subject to the provisions of Regulations for Underground Storage Facilities Used for Petroleum Products and Hazardous Materials, State of Rhode Island, Department of Environmental Management, April 18, 1985, and subsequent amendments thereto;
   (K)   Bulk storage of fuel oil in tank trucks greater than 250 gallons;
   (L)   Chemical and bacteriological laboratories;
   (M)   Commercial electroplating and etching.
(Ord. passed 10-30-06)