The Building Inspector shall:
   (A)   Review all applications for a building permit for construction or development within an area of special flood hazard to determine that the permit requirements of this chapter have been satisfied;
   (B)   Issue a permit when a review of the proposed development has determined that the proposed development is consistent with all applicable standards and requirements contained in this section and in compliance with this chapter.
   (C)   Require that all necessary permits are obtained from those federal, state and local government agencies from which approval is required prior to commencing construction of the development;
   (D)   Maintain, as a permanent record, copies of all building permits issued under the provisions of this section, and data of elevation and flood-proofing levels for new construction and/or substantial improvements.
(Ord. passed 10-30-06, Am. Ord. 2010-3, passed 4-5-10; Am. Ord. 2013-10, passed 8-19-13)