(A)   Density in the mixed-use development project shall be regulated by net density as well as by the dimensional standards set forth herein. Where there is conflict between this subchapter and the provisions of § 603 Schedule of District Dimensional Regulations, the provisions of this subchapter shall control. Density shall be based on the total developable land area within the master plan area. Maximum building lot coverage shall be 35%.
   (B)   Residential density limits. Residential density is determined by the number of total dwelling units, and the bedroom configuration of such units, within the overall land development project area, including land dedicated for open space. Rooming units shall include hotel, motel, and other transient residential use units, as well as residential care and assisted living facility units. For the purposes of this section, bedroom shall be defined consistent with § 1504(B) of this chapter. Residential density shall not exceed the following:
Maximum Density
Dwelling units containing one bedroom or less (studios)
One unit per 5,000 square feet of land area
Dwelling units containing two bedrooms or more
One unit per 7,000 square feet of land area
Rooming units (hotel, motel, and other transient use)
One unit per 1,000 square feet of land area
(Ord. 2018-16, passed 9-4-18)