§ 27A00  PURPOSE.
   Mixed-use development is provided as an option for development in the General Business (GB) and Limited Business (LB) Zoning Districts in order to:
   (A)   Preserve open land and community character while permitting appropriate development of mixed-use projects in the General Business and Limited Business Districts;
   (B)   Encourage traditional architecture and historical village settlement patterns which are well integrated into the existing community, while avoiding the creation of large-scale shopping centers, business, or industrial parks having little or no relation to each other or to the surrounding community;
   (C)   Promote pedestrian friendly environments which provide both a safe walking atmosphere and a logical connection of destinations within and adjacent to the development;
   (D)   Provide for compatible mixed- uses and development densities, including limited residential, commercial, office, institutional, and agricultural, as well as recreation and open space;
   (E)   Provide areas for economic development in the community and allow for creative development of businesses that serve the residents of the district and surrounding areas, and reduce the demand upon the automobile for access to business;
   (F)   Preserve, create, or enhance the scenic roadside view from major arterial roads of the town, and where applicable preserve and enhance scenic water views; and
   (G)   Encourage development of residential uses, including those that meet the needs of the community as expressed in the Middletown Affordable Housing Action Plan, but which have limited adverse impact on the town's ability to provide necessary facilities and services.
(Ord. 2018-16, passed 9-4-18)