February 6, 2006
A.   Any resident may request the extension of water services to a subdivision or parcel by making such request to the Town Administrator on a form supplied by the town.
B.   Said form shall be signed by the requesting resident and shall be accompanied by the following:
   1.   Attachment One - A plat or map indicating the areas to which extension of water service is requested and the location of the nearest water main outside the service area.
   2.   Attachment Two - A listing by street address, tax assessors plat and lot number of all owners of property in the requested service area.
   3.   Attachment Three - A sheet containing the signatures of all the property owners listed on form 2 above, who are joining in the request for water service.
   4.   Attachment Four - A summary of particular grounds, if any, warranting extension of service to the area, i.e., recent failures of septic systems, contamination of drinking water wells, future plans for development of the area, existing need for increased water service, etc.
C.   Upon receipt, said form and attachments shall be reviewed by the Town Administrator. If Attachment 3 does not contain the signatures of at least one-half the property owners listed on Attachment 2, the Town Administrator may decline to pursue expansion of service and so notify the requesting party. If the Town Administrator determines the request merits further consideration he or she shall direct the Town Engineer to circulate it among the Director of Public Works, Town Planner, Fire Chief and Roads and Utilities Advisory Commission with a request for review and comment, and such agencies shall report back to the Town Engineer in writing. The Town Engineer shall also forward such request to the City of Newport Water Department for review and comment. The Town Engineer, with the advice of the City of Newport Water Department, shall determine the size and type of water mains, pipes, valves, fire hydrants and other necessary appliances, if any, to be installed for the purpose of extending the distribution system to the requested service area and shall make an estimate of cost of such installation.
D.   The Town Engineer shall report back to the Town Administrator in writing concerning the proposed extension including projected costs, schedule of construction, integration of extension with other projects and any other factors reasonably related to the merits of the proposed extension. Said report shall also be delivered to the Finance Director who shall prepare a preliminary per property annual cost for installation pursuant to Chapter 52 of the Town Code, and forward said cost estimate to the Town Administrator.
E.   Upon receipt, the report and per unit cost projection shall be mailed to all property owners listed on Attachment 2 along with a form advising the property owner to indicate his or her desire to proceed with the extension and directing said form to be returned within 30 days.
F.   Upon the expiration of 30 days, the Town Administrator shall submit the initial request and Town Engineers report to the Town Council, along with recommendation for action.
G.   This policy shall apply only to existing developed neighborhoods and shall not be applicable to developments under the jurisdiction of the Middletown Planning Board or Zoning Board or other instances in which water service is to be extended at the sole cost and expense of the property owner or developer.