A.   Ownership, Replacement And Repairs: All water service connections, meters and housings installed by the City or conveyed to the City, shall remain at all times the property of the City and shall be maintained, repaired and renewed by the City when rendered unserviceable through reasonable use. Where replacement, repairs or adjustments are rendered necessary by the act, negligence or carelessness of someone other than the City, any expense caused to the City thereby shall be charged and collected from the customer. No rent or charge will be paid by the City where such facilities are located on the customer's premises.
Whenever the accuracy of a water meter is questioned, the customer may request the meter be examined and tested by the City. In the event the meter is faulty and failing to register, the meter shall be replaced by the City within three (3) days and the consumer shall be charged the average daily consumption, as shown by the City records of the meter during the last three (3) months that the meter was in order.
   B.   Maintenance Responsibility: The City is responsible to maintain only from the point of connection at the water main to the point of connection of the private water service line to the meter setter. The owner or user is responsible to maintain a private water service line.
   C.   Clear Space: All water users shall provide and maintain a four foot wide by four foot long by eight foot high (4' x 4' x 8') clear access, centered on the water meter lid, to the water meter serving their improved property. Minimum four feet by four feet (4' x 4') clear access shall also be maintained around hydrants, valves and flush points. No person, prior to written approval from the City, shall be allowed to dig into the public right-of- way, easement, road or sidewalk for the purpose of laying, removing or repairing any service pipe. (Ord. 553, 3-18-2015)