A.   Water Fees And Rates:
      1.   All fees and rates for the water system shall be established by resolution of the City Council.
      2.   All owners who receive the benefit of the Municipal water system shall pay monthly user fees. While an owner may elect to have the monthly user fees billed directly to its tenant, such election does not release the owner from responsibility for payment of fees.
      3.   All improved property in the City to which the Municipal water system is connected, but is not used by the owner or occupier of said lot, are still subject to a base rate to cover system operation and maintenance costs.
      4.   Occupants of nonowner occupied dwellings are required to pay a deposit in an amount established by the City before domestic water is delivered or turned on. This deposit shall be refunded, or applied to any outstanding charges at the time the customer requests the water turned off.
   B.   Industrial Water Users: Upon the industrial user's written request, monthly water service rates may be based on a contractual arrangement with the City. The contractual arrangement shall set the rate schedule to be used and may be reviewed at intervals set forth in the agreement. No water from the Municipal water system shall be provided to an industrial user without a contractual arrangement being in effect, unless the industrial user is paying the rates established by the City. (Ord. 553, 3-18-2015)