A.   Authorization: Upon payment of a hookup charge and receipt of a proper permit in writing from the City, it shall be the duty of the owner or his representative to make all connections with and from the water mains and to provide all materials and labor required for the same. All materials and construction shall be furnished and installed in accordance with the "Idaho Standards for Public Works Construction" (ISPWC), Plumbing Code, and City of Middleton supplemental standards. All work shall be inspected by the City and shall, together with all fixtures thereof including meters, be the property of the City upon City written acceptance.
   B.   Disapproved Materials Or Workmanship: The City may reject any materials or workmanship at the discretion of the City Engineer or the Public Works Department and upon such, the rejected material shall be removed and replaced with approved material. Disapproved workmanship shall cause the removal and replacement of all materials involved, including appurtenances such as excavations, backfilling and other work items, at the sole cost of the applicant or property owner. (Ord. 553, 3-18-2015)