A.   Connection: The owner of any building, whether occupied or not which is within three hundred feet (300') of the City water system shall install a water service and connect with the City water mains as provided in this chapter. The City shall give notice to the owner and allow thirty (30) days to comply with the provisions of this chapter.
   B.   Permit: It shall be unlawful for any person to make or cause to be made any connection with the City water mains unless a permit has been issued by the City.
   C.   Prohibited Action: It shall be unlawful for any person to use or tamper with any hydrant, pipe connection, meter or any property of the waterworks system of the City.
   D.   Connection To City Water System Outside City Limits: All extensions of water service outside the City limits shall be approved by the City Council on a case by case basis upon receipt of an application for such service. Said extensions of service shall be granted only when in the best interest of the City. The extension of service is a privilege and not a right. In determining whether to allow an extension of water service, all of the following criteria shall be met:
      1.   Water connection fees paid.
      2.   The connection will not create an adverse impact upon existing water system facilities nor create economic burdens for future operation and maintenance of the water system.
      3.   The applicant will extend water mains at no cost to the City. Water mains shall be adequately sized for future growth, as determined by the City. No credit will be allowed for additional costs associated with oversized mains required by the City either within the proposed development or in the extension of City water lines, unless an agreement for reimbursement by additional, subsequent users is entered into between the City and applicant.
      4.   The water system has adequate capacity to serve existing development and the proposed development for which the extension is requested and all probable development within the City and between the City and the proposed development outside the City limits.
      5.   The owner of the proposed development consents to annex into the City limits automatically when contiguous.
      6.   Any agreement to extend services beyond the City limits is binding on the owner, heirs, successors and assigns and runs with the land. (Ord. 587, 1-18-2017)