Ord. No.   Date   Description
48   10-1-1896   Portion of First or Front St; portion of Second or Diamond St.
56-A   12-7-1899   Part of street beginning at west line of Louisa Bailey lot, running west of the Leading Creek Ferry Landing.
555   12-5-21   Five feet from westerly side of alley between Front and Second St., from Mill to Race St.
577   5-5-24   Street or alley between First Presbyterian Church and the Manse, extending from Fourth St. to Fifth St.
597   9-14-25   Alley between Main and Hooker Sts. and Fourth and Fifth Sts.
613-A   5-14-28   Part of east-west alley between Palmer and Main Sts. west of north-south alley between Fourth and Fifth Sts.
619   3-18-29   Part of alley between lots 107-108 and 115-116 of Palmer's Addition, extending south from south side of Williams St. to alley running east and west between Fifth and Sixth Sts.
680   5-4-36   Alley between lots 102 and 103 of Palmer's Addition, extending from west side of Fifth St. west to intersection of alley running north and south on west side of lots 102 and 103.
772   9-3-46   High St. between Locust St. and Logan St., and the alley between High St. and Broadway from the southeasterly line of Logan St. to a point 120 ft. southeasterly therefrom.
775   6-10-47   Alley between lots 98 and 99 in Palmer's Addition to Sheffield on 5th St. between Elm and Palmer Sts.
777   7-7-47   Southerly 5 ft. of Logan St. from Page St. to Broadway.
799   4-7-52   High St. from Grant to Logan Sts.
806   8-9-54   10 ft. on Lincoln St. between S. 2nd Ave. and S. 1st Ave.
852   8-14-61   Dock St. east of Second St.
868   12-9-63   Alley running east from South Sixth Ave. between lots 114 and 115;  alley running north from Palmer St. between lots 112 and 114 and 105 and 106.
784   4-3-50   Alley between lots 13 and 14 and 23 and 24 of Headley and Russell's Addition on Maple St. between Russell and Headley Sts.
785   6-5-50   Alley between lots 107 and 108 and 115 and 116 on William St. between 5th and 6th Sts.
786   7-12-50   Alley between lots 106 and 107 on 5th St. between Elm and Palmer Sts.
945-69   1-27-69   Part of Logan St. from westerly side of Broadway St. to center of vacated part of High St.
966   6-22-70   Part of alley from Park Street to north line of Kissell Associates, Inc., lots 83 and 113.
989-72   11-13-72   20 ft. of Walnut St. extending from Front St. westerly to the alley.
998-73   8-13-73   Alley extending from Mulberry Ave. to Ash St. between lots 89 and 77 on the north and lots 80 and 86 on the south.
1017-74   10-14-74   Portions of lots 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 (Mill Street and Third Avenue).
1110-81   6-8-81   Alley extending from Hamilton St. to Locust St.
1148-84   7-9-84   A fifteen foot alley between Lots 78 and 79.
1172-86   6-9-86   Beech Alley from Page St. to Broadway St.
1185-87   7-27-87   Part of Fairview St. and the 12 foot alley between Russell St. and Headley St.
1274-93   4-12-93   An alley between Lot #83 and Lot #81.
46-09   9-28-09   Abandons a portion of the alley located in the block situated between Mill Street on the north and Palmer Street on the south and between Seventh and Sixth Avenues on the east and west.
68-11      9-12-11   A portion of an unused and unnamed street located near Goeglein Subdivision, containing 0.028 acre more or less (1222.45 sq. ft.)