(a)    House trailers shall be permitted only in an R-3 District, shall conform in setback with other structures in the area, and shall conform to all regulations established in Section 1133.02.
   (b)    The parking of a trailer coach or mobile home outside of a permitted trailer park in any district for forty-eight hours or more shall be prohibited except that one trailer may be stored in an enclosed garage, or other accessory building, provided that in all cases no living quarters shall be maintained or any business conducted in connection therewith while such trailer is parked or stored, and to insure compliance therewith, a zoning certificate shall be required. Small utility trailers and camping trailers shall be excluded from this provision upon obtaining a permit therefor from the Zoning Inspector.
   (c)    Trailer parks where permitted shall observe the following requirements:
      (1)    No trailer park shall have an area less than two acres.
      (2)    Every trailer shall be connected to a sanitary sewer and an approved sewage disposal system.
      (3)    An adequate supply of pure water shall be provided.
      (4)    A clearly defined minimum area of 4,000 square feet including a minimum width of forty feet for each mobile home or trailer shall be provided.
      (5)    A minimum of twenty-foot clearance between individual mobile homes shall be provided.
      (6)    All mobile home spaces shall abut upon a paved driveway of not less than twenty feet in width, which shall have unobstructed access to a private or public street.
      (7)    No trailer shall be located less than thirty-five feet from any abutting property.
      (8)    The park shall be permanently landscaped and maintained in good condition.
      (9)    A safe, usable recreation area shall be conveniently located in every trailer park and shall not be less in area than ten percent of the gross area of the trailer park. (Ord. 871A. Passed 12-13-65.)