In all districts in connection with every industrial, business, institutional, recreational, residential or other use, there shall be provided, at any time any building or structure is erected, off-street parking spaces for automobiles in accordance with the following requirements:
   (a)   Each off-street parking space shall have an area of not less than 200 square feet exclusive of access drives or aisles, and shall be of usable shape and condition.
   (b)   There shall be adequate provisions for ingress and egress to all parking spaces.  Where a lot does abut on a public or private alley or easement of access, there shall be provided an access drive not less than ten feet in width in the case of a dwelling, and not less than eighteen feet in width in all other cases, leading to the parking or storage area or loading or unloading spaces required in this chapter.  (Ord. 871A.  Passed 12-13-65.)