(a)    The Zoning Inspector shall not issue a zoning certificate for the construction of a new building or for the expansion of an existing building in any of the following cases unless a site plan has been approved by the Planning Commission:
      (1)    On any property in a B district.
      (2)    On any property abutting a major highway.
      (3)    For any building other than a dwelling or an accessory structure in an R district.
   (b)    Every site plan submitted to the Commission, in accordance with the requirements of this section, shall contain such information and be in such form as the Commission may prescribe in its rules.
   (c)    In considering any site plan, the Commission shall endeavor to assure safety and convenience of traffic movement both within the site covered and in relation to access streets to the site, and harmonious and beneficial relationships of buildings on the site as well as contiguous properties.
   (d)    Approval by the Commission of a site plan under the provisions of this section shall expire one year after the date of such approval if building permits have not been obtained for construction in accordance therewith.
   (e)    Appeal from the action of the Commission may be made to the Board of Zoning Appeals. (Ord. 871A. Passed 12-13-65.)