Permitted and conditional uses for the B-1 Business District are shown in the following table:
      Permitted Uses
      Local business with convenience and comparison type goods such as are
      handled in drug stores and dry goods stores.
      Personal services such as barber and beauty salons.
      Accessory uses
      Animal hospitals or clinics
      Automotive sales
      Business services
      Drive-in commercial uses
      Entertainment facilities
      Essential services
      Outdoor advertising
      Printing and publishing
      Professional services
      Public uses
      Retail business
      Semipublic uses
      Service stations
      Social activities
      Storage and sale of building materials
      Tourist homes
      Wholesale business
      Conditional Uses Requiring
      Board Approval
      Parking lots
(Ord. 871A.  Passed 12-13-65; Ord. 1020-75.  Passed 1-13-75.)