Zoning certificates may be issued for a community development project, as defined in Section 1113.18, even though the use of land, area of lots and depths of yards do not comply in all respects to the provisions of this Zoning Ordinance, providing:
   (a)   A complete plan for the area has been approved by Council after review by the Planning Commission and a public hearing;
   (b)   The tract of land to be developed is not less than ten acres in area;
   (c)   The property adjacent to the area will not be adversely affected;
   (d)   The plan is consistent with the intent and purposes of this Zoning Ordinance;
   (e)   With the exception of proposed community development plans in “R” districts, the lot coverage shall be not less than the lot coverage requirements in the district in which the plan is proposed;
   (f)   In R districts the average lot area may be reduced to seventy-five percent of the requirements of the district in which the plan is proposed.  Average lot area is to be computed by dividing the total land area proposed for residential development, exclusive of streets, by the number of dwelling units;
   (g)   The main use of land shall be similar to the uses permitted in the district in which the plan is located.
      (Ord.  871A.  Passed 12-13-65.)