(a)   A separate permit shall be required for the erection of signs regulated in this Zoning Ordinance, except that no permit shall be required for temporary real estate signs with an area of twelve square feet for the sale or lease of property and for small announcement signs with an area of less than two square feet.  Announcement signs shall be removed by the person or persons responsible for posting the same within thirty days after erection.
   (b)   Each application for a sign permit shall be accompanied by a drawing showing the design proposed, the size, character and color of letters, lines and symbols, method of illumination; the exact location of the sign in relation to the building and property; and details and specifications for construction.  A fee of three dollars ($3.00) shall accompany each application for a sign permit, except political signs, the fee for which shall be ten dollars ($10.00).  (Ord.  871A.  Passed 12-13- 65.)
   (c)   The political poster permit shall be refunded if all posters are taken down within ten days of the election.  This will be checked by the Police Department.
(Passed May 27, 1997.)