No sign shall be permitted in any R district except as herein provided:
   (a)   Signs not exceeding twelve square feet in area and advertising the sale, rental or lease of the premises on which the sign is located shall be permitted on any property.
   (b)   Announcement or professional signs for home occupations and professional activities where permitted shall not exceed two square feet in area in an R district and not more than four square feet in other districts.
   (c)   Bulletin boards and signs for a church, school, community or other public or semipublic institutional building and permitted conditional uses shall be permitted provided the area of such bulletin board or sign shall not exceed fifteen square feet in area.
   (d)   Wall signs pertaining to a nonconforming use shall be permitted on the same premises of such use, provided the area of such sign does not exceed twelve square feet.
   (e)   No building wall shall be used for display of advertising, except that pertaining to the use carried on within such building.
   (f)   Real estate signs and bulletin boards for a church, school or other public or semipublic, religious or educational institution may be erected within ten feet of the established right-of-way line of any street or way provided such sign or bulletin board does not obstruct traffic visibility at street or highway intersections.
   (g)   Political advertising signs may be permitted in any R district, but not in excess of twelve square feet.  Such signs shall not be erected more than thirty days prior to an election and shall be removed within ten days following the election.
      (Ord.  871A.  Passed 12-13-65.)