1117.04  HEARINGS.
   The Board of Zoning Appeals shall fix a reasonable time for the hearing of an appeal, give thirty days' public notice thereof in a newspaper of general circulation in the Municipality and at least twenty days' notice to parties having property interest in land within 200 feet. At this hearing, any party may appear in person or by attorney.
   The hearings of the Board shall be public. However, the Board may go into executive session for discussion, but not for vote on any case before it.
   Upon the day for hearing any application or appeal, the Board may adjourn the hearing to a specified time to obtain additional information or to notify other property owners who may be substantially interested in such application or appeal. In the case of an adjourned hearing, persons previously notified and persons already heard need not be notified of the time of resumption of the hearing unless the Board so decides.
(Ord. 871A.  Passed 12-13-65.)