There is hereby established a Board of Zoning Appeals which shall consist of five electors appointed by Council. Council by a majority vote of its members shall choose a successor to fill any vacancy. The five electors first appointed shall serve for terms of one, two, three, four and five years, respectively; thereafter appointments shall be for five-year terms, beginning January 1. Each member shall serve until his successor is appointed and qualified. Members of the Board shall be removable for nonperformance of duty, misconduct in office or other cause, by Council, upon written charges having been filed with Council and after a public hearing has been held regarding such charges, a copy of the charges having been served upon the member so charged at least ten days prior to the hearing, either personally or by certified mail or by leaving the same at his usual place of residence. The member shall be given an opportunity to be heard and answer such charges.
(871A. Passed 12-13-65.)