The following definitions are hereby adopted for the purposes of this chapter:
   (a)   “Garbage” includes all putrescible waste, except sewage and body waste, and includes vegetable and animal offal, but excludes recognizable industrial by- products.
   (b)   “Refuse” or “rubbish” includes nonputrescible, nonliquid wastes such as ashes, cinders, tin cans, glass, bottles, rags, wastepaper, wood and paper boxes, grass, tree and shrub trimmings.  Dead trees, tree limbs, trunks or stumps, large household objects, bricks, concrete, plaster or other refuse from construction, remodeling or repairing of buildings or ground, are not considered to be rubbish of the type to be collected under this chapter.
   (c)   “Subscriber” means any householder within the Village except an owner, tenant or occupant of an apartment house or other type of residence which has been granted an exemption by the Mayor.
   (d)   “Subscriber” means the head of a family or one maintaining his or her separate living room or quarters in the Village, and includes owners, tenants and occupants of all residential premises from which garbage or refuse, or both are generated.  (Ord. 1241-91. Passed 6-24-91.)