(a)   Grave space to be set at $200.00 per grave.
   (b)   Four (4) corner markers at current prices - installed by the Village.
   (c)   Seventy-five dollars ($75.00) per space perpetual care.
   (d)   Three hundred dollars ($300.00) opening and closing graves - weekdays.
   (e)   Three hundred fifty dollars ($350.00) opening and closing grave - weekends and holidays.
   (f)   Sixty dollars ($60.00) for cremation grave.
   (g)   One hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) for child grave.
   (h)   Forty dollars ($40.00) for deed transfer - corner markers at current price.
   (i)   Three hundred fifty dollars ($350.00) additional above normal charges for exhumation.
   (j)   People wanting to sell their lots, will have to sell them back to the Village for same price.
   A vault is mandatory at both Middleport Cemeteries.  The Village requires at least three days notice to dig a grave, except in emergencies.
(Ord. 02-04.  Passed 7-8-02.)