(a)   From and after this date of this section all installation of water lines whether original or replacement extending from the village water meter to the property of users of water shall meet the following specifications, to wit:
      (1)   The size of all such lines shall not be less than three-fourths inch inside diameter.
      (2)   The material used in such lines shall be copper or plastic.
      (3)   All such lines shall be of a minimum test of 130 pounds.
   (b)   Whenever any property owners install a new water line from the Village meter to the point of use, or replaces any part of an existing water line between the meter of the Village and point of use, they shall install in such water system at some point between the meter of the first point in the building of use where water is taken from the line, a shut-off valve capable of stopping the flow of all water to the plumbing in the building.
(Ord. 1117-82.  Passed 3-8-82.)