(a)   The Village reserves the right to require the measurement of water delivered to any premises in such a manner that rates for sewerage service can be determined from such water meter readings, in which event the rates for sewer services shall be the rates set forth on a water meter reading basis.  Likewise, any flat rate user upon notification to the Board of Trustees of Public Affairs shall have the right to install at his expense an approved metering device for the measurement of all water pumped from wells or other sources, granting to the Board the right to read the meter and periodically check the accuracy of such metering.
   (b)   The charges listed in Sections 925.02 and 925.03 are minimum charges, not maximum charges, and the Village reserves the right and is obligated to increase the same at any time should the revenues of the sanitary sewerage system and sewage disposal facilities prove insufficient to pay the operating and maintenance expenses and the debt service charge of the bonds issued to pay the cost of constructing such facilities or extensions to the system.
(Ord. 1268-92.  Passed 10-12-92.)
   (c)   The Village hereby affirms that the monthly rate charged for use of the public sewer system is one hundred fifty percent (150%) of the rate charged monthly for use of the public water supply. 
(Ord. 44-09.  Passed 3-23-09.)