As used in this section, "unit" means a separate dwelling house; each apartment, whether in a multiple apartment unit or otherwise; each separate business or commercial operation; and each mobile home.
   In the event that any unit which is not served by an individual water meter becomes vacant, the party responsible for the sewerage bill shall have the right to notify the Board of Trustees of Public Affairs of this fact within three days after vacancy and so long as the unit remains vacant thereafter no sewerage or water charge shall be made for any full month between water meter reading dates that the unit remains vacant. In order to be entitled to this exemption, such party shall furnish an affidavit within ten days after the expiration of each water meter reading month, stating that the unit has not been occupied at any time during such month. A separate affidavit shall be required for each month of vacancy. Failure to comply with these requirements shall forfeit the right of exemption under this section. The Village shall have the right to inspect the unit at any reasonable time during the period of vacancy.
(Ord. 955-69. Passed 8-11-69.)