(a)    All new transmission lines of water, natural gas or communication shall be installed between the sidewalk and curb of the street or under the sidewalk, except where lines will have to cross intersecting streets. Where there is no sidewalk, the line shall be installed on a course which represents an extension of a sidewalk. Only service lines to serve customers will be permitted to cross the streets.
   (b)    All sidewalks removed for placing transmission lines will be replaced with concrete not less than four inches in thickness and not less than the width of the sidewalk removed, but in no place less than forty-eight inches in width.
   (c)    In all crossings of streets for service lines, and at all crossings of intersecting streets, fill material over lines shall be replaced as follows: Pit run gravel with six inch concrete covering, plus bituminous concrete or brick, whichever was removed. Brick shall be grouted with a cement and sand grout.
   (d)    A new line shall be defined as being the installation of a replacement line of sixty feet or more. (Ord. 911. Passed 7-10-67.)