(a)   Unsafe Buildings Defined. Structures or existing equipment that are unsafe or unsanitary due to inadequate means of egress facilities, inadequate light and ventilation, or which constitute a fire hazard, or are otherwise dangerous to human life, shall be deemed a serious hazard. Where a building is found to be a serious hazard, such hazard shall be eliminated or the building shall be vacated, and where such building, when vacated, remains a serious hazard, it shall be razed.
   (b)   Orders, Injunction Proceedings. Where the Building Official finds that a building is a serious hazard and the owner of such building fails, in the time specified in an order from the Building Official, to eliminate such hazard, or to vacate or raze the building, the building official shall proceed under Ohio R.C. 3781.15.
   (c)   Restoration. Where the structure or equipment is determined to be unsafe by the Building Official, it is permitted to be restored to a safe condition. To the extent that repairs, alterations or additions are intended to be made or a change of occupancy occurs during the restoration of the structure, such repairs, alterations, additions or change of occupancy shall comply with Chapters 1 and 34 of the Ohio Building Code and this chapter.
(OBC 109)