(a)   Adjudication Orders Required. When the Building Official denies any approval or takes action in response to findings of non-compliance with the rules of the Board, such action shall be initiated by issuing an adjudication order, prior to seeking any remedy, civil or criminal. Every adjudication order shall:
      (1)   Clearly identify the section of law or rules violated.
      (2)   Clearly identify, in a contrasting and obviously marked manner, all violations related to accessibility.
      (3)   Specifically indicate which detail, installation, site preparation, material, appliance, device, addition, alteration to structures, construction documents, assemblages or procedures are necessary to change to comply with the order.
      (4)   When issued to stop work, the order shall also clearly indicate the specific work that is required to cease, when the work must cease and the conditions under which the cited work will be permitted to resume. The order to stop work shall be given to the owner of the property involved, to the owner’s agent and the person doing the work.
      (5)   Include notice of the procedure for appeal and right to a hearing if requested within thirty days of the mailing of the order. The order shall also indicate that, at the hearing, the owner may be represented by counsel, present arguments or contentions orally or in writing, and present evidence and examine witnesses appearing for or against the owner.
      (6)   Any hearing(s) scheduled for accessibility issues shall cause the Building Official or the appeals board to notify a local advocate organization for people with disabilities of the scheduled hearing. When a local advocate organization is not available, a state organization representing people with disabilities, such as the “Governor’s Council on People with Disabilities” shall be notified.
      (7)   Specify a reasonable period of time in which to bring the item(s) on the order into compliance.
      (8)   Include the signature of the Building Official.
      (9)   The order shall be sent to the owner and the owner’s representatives.
   (b)   Response to Orders. The person receiving an order shall exercise their right to appeal within 30 days of the mailing of the order, comply with the order, or otherwise be released from the order by the Building Official.
   (c)   Prosecution and Penalties. When an owner fails to comply with subsection (b) hereof, the owner may be prosecuted and is subject to the penalty provided in Section 1301.99.
   (d)   Unlawful Continuance. Failure to cease work after receipt of an order to stop work is hereby declared a public nuisance. (OBC 109)