The Zoning Inspector shall inspect any premises in the Village for the purpose of enforcing and assuring compliance with the provisions of this Chapter. Upon the request of the Zoning Inspector, an Owner may provide access to all interior portions of an unoccupied building in order to permit a complete inspection. Nothing contained herein, however, shall diminish the Owner's right to insist upon the procurement of a search warrant from a court of competent jurisdiction by a Zoning Inspector, or his or her designee, in order to enable such inspection. The Zoning Inspector or shall be required to obtain a search warrant whenever an Owner refuses to permit a warrantless inspection of the premises. The following shall apply:
   (a)   Vacant properties will be externally inspected by the Zoning Inspector a minimum of twice per year to ensure the compliance with the zoning and property maintenance codes;
   (b)    Vacant properties will be both internally and externally inspected at the start of each registration period (new and renewal) and when the registration is terminated by the property Owner;
   (c)   Vacant properties will be both internally and externally inspected upon acquisition of the property by a new Owner and prior to an issuance of an Occupancy Permit as outlined in Section 1140.10 of the Zoning Code;
      (Ord. 16-127. Passed 10-13-16.)