(a)   The Owner shall register with the Zoning Inspector not later than 90 days after any building located in an area zoned for, or abutting an area zoned for, residential use in the Village becomes vacant. If the Owner does not so register, the Owner shall register not later than 30 days after being notified by the Zoning Inspector of the requirement to register based on evidence of vacancy.
   (b) The registration shall be submitted on forms provided by the Zoning Inspector and shall include the following information supplied by the Owner:
      (1)   The name(s) and address(es) of all Owners;
      (2)   If the Owner does not reside in Geauga County or within 25 miles of the Middlefield Village municipal limits, the names and addresses of any and all third parties with whom the Owner has entered into a contract or agreement for property management. By designating an authorized agent under the provisions of this section, the Owner is consenting that the third party is authorized to receive any and all notices relating to the property;
      (3)   The names and addresses of all known lien holders and all other parties with an ownership interest in the building;
      (4)   A telephone number or numbers where a responsible party can be reached at all times during business and non-business hours; and
      (5)   A vacant building plan as described in paragraph (c) of this Section.
   (c)   The Owner shall submit a vacant building plan which must meet the approval of the Zoning Inspector. The plan, at a minimum, must contain information from one of the following two choices:
      (1)   If the building is to be demolished, a demolition plan indicating the proposed time frame for demolition. The demolition shall commence within 30 days of acceptance of the proposed demolition timeline and shall not exceed one year, and shall be in accordance with the Ohio Building Code; or
      (2)   If the building is to be re-occupied, rehabilitation plan for the building and grounds. The rehabilitation described in the plan shall be completed within 12 months from the time the plan is approved by the Zoning Inspector, unless the Zoning Inspector grants an extension upon receipt of a written statement from the Owner detailing good cause and the reasons for the requested extension. Any repairs, improvements or alterations to the property must comply with all applicable zoning, housing, historic preservation, and building codes, and the property must be secured throughout the period of the rehabilitation.
   (d)   The Owner shall comply with all applicable laws and codes. The Owner shall notify the Zoning Inspector of any changes in the information contained in the vacant building registration within 30 days of the change. If the plan or timetable for the vacant building is revised in any way, the revision(s) must be in writing and must first receive the approval of the Zoning Inspector.
   (e)   The Owner and all subsequent Owners shall keep the building secured and safe and shall comply with all building, property maintenance and zoning regulations.
   (f)   If a vacant residential structure continues to remain vacant after transfer of ownership, the new Owner of shall register or re-register the vacant building with the Zoning Inspector within 30 days of the transfer of ownership. The new Owner shall comply with the approved plan and timetable submitted by the previous Owner until any proposed changes are submitted to and approved by the Zoning Inspector.
   (g)   The failure of a new Owner of the vacant building to obtain a deed for the property or to file the deed with the County Recorder shall not excuse the new property Owner from registering the property.
   (h)   Failure of the Owner or any subsequent Owners to maintain the building and premises that result in remedial action taken by the Village shall be ground for revocation of the approved plan and shall be subject to any applicable penalties provided by the law.
   (i)   The Zoning Inspector shall include in the file any written statements from community organizations, other interested parties, or citizens regarding the history, problems, status, or blighting influence of the vacant building.
   (j)   The registration and all associated processes must be completed in their entirety annually for as long the property remains vacant.
(Ord. 16-127. Passed 10-13-16.)