(a)   The Planning Commission shall fix the time for the hearing and shall give notice thereof in a newspaper of general circulation in the Municipality at least ten days before the date of such hearing.  The notice shall set forth the time and place of the public hearing and the nature of the proposed variance.
   (b)   Written notice of such hearing shall be mailed by the Fiscal Officer, by first class mail, at least ten days before the date of the hearing to all parties of interest.  The notice shall contain the same information as required of the notice published in the newspaper and parties of interest shall include owners of property within 200 feet from, contiguous to, and directly across the street from the property being considered.
   (c)   A failure of delivery of notice to parties within 200 feet of the property being considered shall not invalidate the decision of the Planning Commission.  However, if it is determined that the applicant failed to list a property owner within the 200 feet, and that owner was not notified, then the Planning Commission, in its discretion, may vote to vacate the decision and require the applicant to resubmit his or her application.
   (d)   At the hearing, any party may appear in person or by attorney.
   (e)   Upon the day for hearing any application, the Planning Commission may recess the hearing in order to permit additional information to be secured, or to cause such further notice as it deems proper to be served upon such other property owners as it decides may logically be concerned with such application or appeal.
(Ord. 13-150.  Passed 1-9-14.)