(a)   Provided required notices can first be given, the Planning Commission shall hear all applications and appeals which were filed at least fourteen days in advance of its scheduled meeting.  Applications and appeals filed less than fourteen days before the meeting shall be heard at the next regularly scheduled Planning Commission meeting following the fourteen-day period.  For good and sufficient reason, the Planning Commission may waive this timing requirement.  The Planning Commission may also schedule a special hearing date in order to expedite an application for an appeal or variance, provided that all notice and other procedural requirements of applicable law are met.
   (b)   The Planning Commission shall decide all applications and appeals within ten days after completion of the hearings thereon.
   (c)   All decisions of the Planning Commission shall be made by motion and shall be effective immediately unless determined otherwise by the Planning Commission.  Any such decision shall be binding upon and observed by the Zoning Inspector.  After the Planning Commission determines the application or appeal, there shall be no further hearings upon such case.
   (d)   The Village and/or any party adversely affected by a decision of the Planning Commission may appeal to the Court of Common Pleas of Geauga County within the time and upon the grounds as prescribed by law.
(Ord. 13-150.  Passed 1-9-14.)